Assistant Photographer Day


An Assistant Photographer Day takes you firmly out of the classroom and into the practical realities of a working wedding day. You will gain access to a high quality wedding environment which will greatly enhance your portfolio, and you will learn how to successfully manage the wedding day.


“I attended one of David Paul’s training courses where his experience as a professional educator shone through, as well as being one of the UK’s leading wedding photographers. He was able to cater for beginners whilst keeping semi-professional photographers fully engaged. No matter your experience level, David will ensure you leave the course better equipped with all the relevant tools needed to triumph in this highly competitive industry. Finally, an Apprentice Photographer Day is an industry first, boosting your photography and management skills to the upper echelons of the field.”

Andy Hathaway, student.

Andy recently completed The Wedding Photography Course and four assistant days. He has just taken his twentieth wedding booking for the year and we invite you to have a look at his portfolio here.

A single Assistant Photographer Day costs £225 and includes:

  • A single wedding day experience acting as an Assistant Photographer.
  • Direct 1:1 telephone support from David Paul Photography to discuss any significant aspects of your training and developing career plan.

Please note that an Assistant Photographer Day is only available to students who have:

  • Participated on The Wedding Photography Day Course OR
  • Arranged an interview with David to assess their suitability for the role and gain approval for participation on the scheme. Although he prefers to meet new students in person, a ZOOM call is also permissible. Please contact him directly to arrange.
We strongly advise that most students will require a minimum of four assistant days to complete their apprenticeship.

Terms, Conditions & Restrictions

(Please read thoroughly before booking)