Classic Preset Collection for Lightroom Classic



A typical wedding of 1500 images can take a whole day to complete. If you need to reclaim your photography life, we have designed these new one click super-fast presets to greatly speed up your workflow; a typical wedding can now take less than three hours to complete.

Inside the Classic Presets Folder you will find five presets with quarter stop adjustments for exposure control to +/- one stop. Each preset has nine different versions ranging from -0.98E to +0.98E.

  • The classic preset gives subtle yet radiant skin tones and significantly enhances the rest of the colour spectrum particularly the greens, reds and blues. It’s the workhorse of the pack.
  • The classic cool preset is similar to the ‘classic’ preset with the exception that it greatly reduces the colour temperature. This makes it perfect for bridal preparation and photographs taken inside the church or hotel.
  • The flash preset has been designed to give all flash images, particularly off-camera flash images, greater impact. Whilst retaining the aesthetic qualities of the original ‘classic’ preset, it takes things a step further by adding greater contrast, highlight retention and a subtle vignette.
  • The black and white preset does exactly what it says on the tin – a punchy, high-contrast black and white process which gives images a classic look
  • The opulent preset is simply incredible at enriching ordinary images into something truly spectacular! Enhancing the entire image dramatically, it’s always careful to preserve the delicacy of subtle skin tones. Works particularly well for indoor natural light photography.

The Classic Preset Collection for Lightroom will beautifully enhance your images and more importantly, inspire your creativity. Download today!

All our presets work beautifully on JPEG and RAW files from Nikon, Canon and most other camera manufacturers.

This Preset Collection is only compatible with version 7.3 of Lightroom Classic (April 2018 & later editions) as it uses the newer XMP file format. Please check your version of Lightroom before purchase.